New Pedal! Disaster Area Designs DMC-3XL Gen 2

By Matthew Vincenty
December 10, 2014


Once I decided on the Strymon TimeLine I started looking into MIDI controller pedals for it. Using MIDI with the Timeline enables faster access to the looper (which I need), and cool reverse and half speed modes. I love the Molten Midi 2 pedal I've got for the Whammy so I looked into the Molten Voltage OZ. I eventually decided the OZ was too big to make room for —it has a bigger footprint than the Timeline! I had almost given up on the extra control and was dealing with the controls as they are on our last tour. That was until I found Disaster Area DesignsIMG_8879


Disaster Area Designs makes great little MIDI boxes for many different purposes. I decided on the DMC-3XL Gen2. A mouthful I know. This little box is not much bigger than a Z. Vex pedal, but opens up instant access to the looper, all the neat reverse and half speed modes, and a few different preset changing modes as well. It makes getting through all the banks on the Timeline much faster which is going to be great as I program more and more patches into the Timeline. Another huge benefit is it's ability to control lots of different MIDI devices. You can change patches on multiple pedals at the same time.

The switches on the pedal are super solid. The middle switch is high making it easy to press without bumping the lower buttons. The screen is bright and clearly lets you know which mode you're in. It wasn't difficult to program and the instructions on the site are very helpful. I was able to set it up to have one tap loop stop rather than the default hold to stop. 

I'm really pleased with this little box so far and I'm glad to have it in the rig. Plus the white color rules. They offer the DMC-3 in a bunch of colors and also have different sized versions based on what your controller needs are. They even sell the best MIDI cables I've ever used. Great right angle connectors that have helped make the board cleaner. I'll have a fully updated picture up soon. 

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