New Pedal! Fuzzrocious Rat Tail

By Matthew Vincenty
April 21, 2015


I found myself in the position of needing to put together a new board to fill in on guitar with our friends Glacier. First I needed a distortion pedal that could pull of their heavier bits so I started to do some research. The guitarist I'm filling in for has a Proco Rat on his board so I thought I might go for something in that direction. I'd heard of Fuzzrocious and have wanted an excuse to get one of their pedals so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. 

It seems their demo videos were very heavily geared towards bass players. I've heard bassists use the Rat Tail and it makes sense. This thing has a ton of low end. Low end for days. Don't worry though, it sounds awesome on guitar. Super dirty and heavy. Sounds like the gnarliest rat ever. There are tons of different possibilities in setting the pedal up as well. I found the middle position on the clipping switch sounded the best for me. 

The model I got has the feedback mod. A secondary switch that gives you semi tune-able feedback. I haven't had much use for this yet. It makes some noise, but not high pitched Boss DF-2 style. For me it was like a low rumble. 

Super high quality box. Great switches, knobs, jacks, and a super bright LED. My only regret is I didn't order one of the custom painted ones. Didn't have the patience to wait! I'll have to get another Fuzzrocious box down the road for this instead!



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