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Apple Music: First impressions

By David Joseph Hunt

June 30, 2015

The inevitable rise in the popularity of music streaming services has transformed the way that we interact with music (arguably both for the better and for the worse). On one hand, I have the world's greatest record collection at my disposal, but on the other hand, I often find myself paralyzed by the amount of music and gravitating towards that which I am already familiar with. Similarly, I get exposed to more new music than ever, while simultaneously spending less time sitting with and digesting that music. Additionally, there has been a fundamental shift in our perceived monetary value of music, which raises all kinds of issues for both burgeoning startups services and struggling artists. 

Today Apple's answer to streaming music launched into this volatile, yet growing industry. Apple Music aims to connect tastemakers, artists, and fans in new ways to create an all in one destination for music. While I was pretty skeptical of another service promising to "save" music, Trent Reznor and co. have managed to deliver on a unique, personal musical experience. Here are some of my initial impressions with regards to Apple Music: 

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