New Pedal! ChadderBox Effects Loud Louder

By Corey Wade
April 27, 2015

I have the good fortune to have recently met Chad from ChadderBox Effects. It turns out he works part-time on the same floor in the same building where I also work part-time. When I found out Chad made pedals, I naturally found myself having 30 minute conversations with the dude almost any time I’d bump into him in the hallway. When gearheads start, it’s kind of hard to stop...well, I know some of you know what I’m talking about. Everyone else has probably stopped reading this blogpost already, so we’re good. IMG_9449

Chad was nice enough to let me borrow an extra Loud/Louder he had lying around, and I knew almost immediately after I plugged it in that I needed to buy one. It pushed my amp to a very beautiful, and immediate sort of place. It pressurized my tone; it gave my amps more feeling. It’s not easy to describe with words, but there’s sort of an aura around my amps when it’s engaged. Needless to say I was sold.

He gave me the offer to choose the color of the pedal, which was very exciting, but also a pain in the ass considering I’m terrible at making decisions when there are too many options. You know, the paradox of choice. (I never read the book, but have heard great things. The concept is also mentioned in The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli, which I have read, and highly recommend if you want to er...ummm….think more clearly?) Long, boring story short, I chose translucent gold. Visually, the sound of the pedal has a golden sort of quality in my mind, so it was definitely the right decision for me in the end. (Matt got a very beautiful, sparkly, purple color which is looking quite gorgeous on his board)
Now I have the problem of figuring out how exactly I want to use it in my rig. Do I want have the effect engaged at all times to add that aura and feeling I described earlier? Or do I only want to use it for the dirtier more saturated tones it gets and add it to my Distorition/fuzz loop? I currently use the TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster at the end of my signal chain, and I leave it on at all times, just slightly boosted. Adds an aura of it’s own to my sound, but slightly warmer than the L/L. I wouldn’t mind using both, as they both offer different qualities. The good news is that I could easily make the room on my board if I get rid of my swollen pickle, I don’t really ever use it anyway. No one’s gonna give a fuck in a live setting anyway...might as well just buy a line 6 amp and use that old Boss GT-3 unit I have from back in the day. Well, anyway, if you see me within the next few weeks, you’ll know which rabbit hole I’ll be down….

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Corey Wade

Corey Wade is the vocalist and guitarist for Boston-based experimental rock band Undersea

Undersea is a Boston-based band 

Corey Wade - Vocals & guitar
David Hunt - Bass & vocals 
Seth Botos - Drums & vocals
Matthew Vincenty - Guitar 

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