New Pedal! Strymon BigSky Reverb

By Matthew Vincenty
April 13, 2015


Strymon does everything right with this pedal. I consider the BigSky the be-all and end-all reverb. You can get everything from the most basic ambience to a cavernous cacaphony and everything in between.

In addition to the standard reverb sounds any guitarist would be familiar with it's the more unique sounds I've found myself enjoying the most. I've set up a great patch for unlimited reverb that nails the sound we used a Holiest Grail for in the studio. I previously used the Mr. Black Eterna for shimmer; but this handles that and goes further than most by letting you choose the interval of the repeats. We used this last weekend on an extra guitar overdub we thought of at the last minute. The reverse lets me get spot-on My Bloody Valentine sounds. I haven't found a song to use this on yet, but it's great busting into To Here Knows When whenever I feel like it. 

The build quality is clearly top notch as with all Strymon stuff. Great knobs switches, jacks and chassis. I researched this less than almost any other purchase based on how happy I am with the Timeline. And of course they look awesome next to each other. 

Having 300 presets plus midi control means I will probably never get to everything this pedal offers, but I'm certainly going to try. Highly highly recommended. 


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