By Matthew Vincenty
November 21, 2014


Undersea is currently putting the finishing touches on recordings of about a double album's worth of material! We want to be able to get these songs out in the fastest and best way possible, so we've decided to release them indvidually as singles. Over the course of the next year expect consistent updates and output with new music!

We like to think of this as instant gratification. We'll be working constantly to get the songs mixed and mastered and soon after they finish, they'll be available to hear and download.

The first track? Designing an Airplane.
When can you get it? Today!
Where can you listen? Here of course! All the songs will be available to stream on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, & more. They will also be available to download on iTunes, Amazon, & Bandcamp.
What about a physical release? We will likely package some of the songs together into a limited physical product next year. We aren't ready with more details beyond that.

Artwork for the first single by Julianne Martin:IMG_8868

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Matthew Vincenty

Matthew plays guitars for Undersea. He loves Gibson Guitars, Marshall Amps, and too many pedals to count.

Undersea is a Boston-based band 

Corey Wade - Vocals & guitar
David Hunt - Bass & vocals 
Seth Botos - Drums & vocals
Matthew Vincenty - Guitar 

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