New Pedal! Walrus Audio Voyager

By Matthew Vincenty
December 15, 2014


You can never have too many gain pedals right? Ever since I first heard the Voyager I knew I needed one on my board and have been trying to make room and excuses for it since. Walrus Audio makes some of the coolest pedals right now. I love the special editions they do also. It really appeals to my collector's personality. 

It's the perfect mid level gain for me. Previously my gain live was limited to heavy and heavier. Now I've got a great pushed overdrive sound. It has lots of range in volume and tone. The pedal is very transparent so it's not coloring my guitar and amp sound. The build quality is fantastic! The knobs, jacks, case, and LED are top notch. It's a bit taller than similar sized pedals I have, which actually makes it a bit easier to tap for me in my setup. I was able to track down their Black Friday special edition from last year so it has the cool 2001 Dave Bowman space suit look. They are currently offering special edition colors of the standard satellite artwork. Check this guy out!

 Walrus Audio Voyager

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Matthew Vincenty

Matthew plays guitars for Undersea. He loves Gibson Guitars, Marshall Amps, and too many pedals to count.

Undersea is a Boston-based band 

Corey Wade - Vocals & guitar
David Hunt - Bass & vocals 
Seth Botos - Drums & vocals
Matthew Vincenty - Guitar 

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