Boston music scene staple, TT the Bear's Place, to close this summer

By David Joseph Hunt
June 5, 2015


If you have lived in or around the Boston metropolitan area, you have probably heard of a divey, live music bar called TT the Bear's Place. This Cambridge rock club—with arguable the greatest venue name in all of New England—has been a consistent haven for local music fans and a chrysallis for up-and-coming bands. From The Pixies to The Smashing Pumpkins, dozens of iconic acts have rocked TTs. And after over 40+ years in business and 30+ years of showcasing live music seven nights a week, TT the Bear's Place will close, later this summer. 

In a statement from owner Bonney Bouley the club, the club will close due to financial changes in the most recent lease. The venue will hold it's final show on Saturday July 25th 2015. You can read the full statement, here. While the future of the space remains to be seen, TT's closing marks an significant loss for the Boston music scene.

I have been fortunate enough to play some of my most memorable shows with various projects at TT the Bear's Place. I remember nervously restringing, in the make-shift green room, while listening to the crowd file in. I remember standing back by the pool tables and watching other bands tear through their sets. I remember jumping off of Seth's bass drum (permanently bending the leg...something that he is yet to forgive me for). I remember the sound of our voices reflecting around that crowded wooden room. I remember the dark smiles in the crowd. I remember the heat of lights. I think it will be hard to ever forget a place like TT's.

In what turned out to be a happy accident, Undesea will be playing TT's one final time next Thursday June 11th with Fine Animal, Aero, and Here We Just Dream. So whether you are a TT's veteran or have never been, you owe it to yourself visit this legendary club, before it closes next month. And if you find yourself in Central Square, next Thursday night, we would be honored to play for you in this remarkable space and show you why we love TT the Bear's Place. 

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