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Matthew Vincenty

Matthew plays guitars for Undersea. He loves Gibson Guitars, Marshall Amps, and too many pedals to count.

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New Pedal! The Molten Midi 2

By Matthew Vincenty

August 21, 2014

Since my last post talking about pedal board organization I've done some moving around. I watched this video and was inspired! So I've gone back to the drawing board and decided I'd like to get a few new pedals. First up is the Molten Voltage Molten Midi 2.

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Pedal Board Layouts

By Matthew Vincenty

July 27, 2014

Got a power supply chosen? Great what order are you pedals going to be in? 

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Pedal Board Power Supplies

By Matthew Vincenty

June 23, 2014

Undersea relies on lots of gadgets and gizmos to make our music. We have a love for those little (or big) stompboxes and often our creativity is inspired by them. But when you ended up getting as many as we've accumulated there start to be practical concerns. So we enter the world of power supplies.

These days we are faced with a multitude of choices when it comes to powering guitar pedals. Daisy chain cables, DC bricks, isolated units. What's the difference? What are the benefits?

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Ultimate Pedal Board

By Matthew Vincenty

June 9, 2014

Recently Corey and I reorganized our pedal boards...

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